Posts The Oral Sex Project - Prompt 4 - Deep Deeper Deepest

The Oral Sex Project - Prompt 4 - Deep Deeper Deepest

Prompt 4 - Deep Deeper Deepest

the oral sex project

Prompt 4 Deep Deeper Deepest

Last month with our third prompt, we received four excellent submissions. If you haven’t yet had the chance to read them, please go ahead and read them now. You won’t regret it!

For the month of June, we’re going deep. Concerning Oral Sex, of course, this means ‘Deepthroating.’ For many males, it’s fascinating to see how far in the woman will take his member. Likewise, it can be a sport for the female to see how far she can take her male partner. There even many how-to’s out there to train your gag reflex and learn how to do it better. So for this month, we would like to hear all your experiences with this subject, either fiction or non-fiction.

Is deep throating something you have tried? Is it something you enjoy? Are you practising to take your partner deeper? Are there any males practising their oral skills on females, maybe not getting any deeper in, but perhaps stamina for keeping it up for a longer time.

As usual, share any experiences you have with Oral Sex, with or without following the prompt. Let’s share our love of this form of sex together!

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