Posts The Oral Sex Project - Prompt 6 - Lubrication

The Oral Sex Project - Prompt 6 - Lubrication

Prompt 6 - Lubrication

the oral sex project

Prompt 6 Lubrication

Last month we had excellent submissions to the prompt. Two posts with great descriptions of techniques and two astonishing stories. Go check them out if you haven’t already!

In all honesty, sex is a messy business. You need lubrication for it to feel pleasant for both parties. The body secretes its own, and there are plenty of synthetic liquids you can use too. What do you prefer to use for your best oral sex time? Do you use lots of drool to further your recipient’s pleasure? Are you ever ashamed of this messy side of things? Share with us your oral sex stories, whether fiction or non-fiction. Let’s make the world a little bit sexier!

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